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Chicago Fire

Before you get nervous, don’t panic, I’m not about to report about the next Great Chicago Fire. Instead I wanted to share some highlights that I shot yesterday at the Chicago Fire vs DC United soccer game at Toyota Park in Brideview. Though I was wildly under-dressed (for some reason I didn’t think about the fact that I would be outside for several hours in the cold wind), it was a fun and education time had by all. I discovered the outing through the Chicago Photographic Center, and have been wanting to both get involved with CPC somehow and try out sports photography at the same time. The Chicago Tribune sports photographer Scott Strazzante met us at the field and gave us the rundown on where we could go as far as access, as well as a few pointers.

The most fun and valuable part of the day however was carpooling with other people in the class. Not sure I’ll ever become a sports photographer but it’s always nice meeting other photographers, especially ones that are local- thanks Kathy, Will and Ted! Can’t wait to talk shop again.