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Brian & Jessica

Back in October on a chilly fall day in St. Joseph, Michigan (an adorable town on the west side of the state), I shot an equally adorable couple’s wedding day, Brian and Jess. If it hadn’t have been so cold it would have been perfect, but it came pretty close. I was also thrilled to not be working alone, and had a top notch partner- my Dad! John Ross came to the rescue and made the drive from Ann Arbor to be my right hand man. I think it’s very important to always work with someone when you are shooting something as big as a wedding. It’s absolutely essential to get multiple viewpoints and have backup just in case. As you can see with the bubble photo below, I was able to get Brian and Jess walking out from the front, and my Dad covered them from behind (to prove this, you’ll see me making a cameo on the right side of the image). Can’t wait to be a photo team again Dad, especially since you’re the one who I get all my photo skills from in the first place!

Congrats guys- I’m still editing the reception so more to come!