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This isn’t exactly a post about photos but it’s somewhat related and I wanted to share it. Last weekend I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park and there was all kind of inspiring stuff for sale or just to look at. Silkscreen, lots of letterpress, pottery, fiber arts, jewelry and photography just to name a few. I also had a minor Etsy celebrity sighting as well. Maryink, an adorable couple who run their own silk screen studio in Nashville, was there selling their amazing t-shirts (and a few other things), and I recognized them from one of Etsy’s wonderful “Handmade Portrait” videos on their site. Basically it’s a short video profiling different artists that sell on Etsy. Long story short, I chatted them up a bit and bought one of their shirts for a bday present. Please check out their video above, and when you have a few spare moments there are tons of other great ones in the video section on Etsy’s blog page. A running friend back in Brooklyn actually produces a bunch of them and I think she has about the coolest job on the planet.