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Brian & Jessica

Back in October on a chilly fall day in St. Joseph, Michigan (an adorable town on the west side of the state), I shot an equally adorable couple’s wedding day, Brian and Jess. If it hadn’t have been so cold it would have been perfect, but it came pretty close. I was also thrilled to not be working alone, and had a top notch partner- my Dad! John Ross came to the rescue and made the drive from Ann Arbor to be my right hand man. I think it’s very important to always work with someone when you are shooting something as big as a wedding. It’s absolutely essential to get multiple viewpoints and have backup just in case. As you can see with the bubble photo below, I was able to get Brian and Jess walking out from the front, and my Dad covered them from behind (to prove this, you’ll see me making a cameo on the right side of the image). Can’t wait to be a photo team again Dad, especially since you’re the one who I get all my photo skills from in the first place!

Congrats guys- I’m still editing the reception so more to come!

The Holidays


We went back to Ann Arbor for Thanksgiving last week and were welcomed with this beautiful display of lights. Though it wasn’t quite as impressive as the annual display back in Brooklyn, I couldn’t leave without taking a few shots (thanks 5D for the excellent high ISO settings).

With the holidays now here and the end of the semester creeping up, it’s going to be a crazy few weeks, but I’m going to try and start posting more. I’ve also still helping with my Mom’s blog Ninth and Olive, so please check that out periodically for some great cooking, gardening and other fun things. Usually we try and do a big monster blog when we get together, with lots of photos and recipes, so look for that soon since we will be going down to Florida this month.


I’ve been a very neglectful blogger this month, and it’s probably because along with unpacking, putting together ikea furniture, finding a new pet store, grocery store, camera store, etc . . . I haven’t been shooting much. After all this is a photo blog and as much as there is going on right now, if I don’t have anything new visually to show I don’t really have much to say. I did however take some stuff during our “limbo” period in Michigan while we were waiting for our movers to get from Brooklyn to Chicago, so that’s what this post is about. Ok so there are a few Chicago pics in there too.