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’09 NYC Marathon

Captions (starting from the top, from left to right):

1- The first official No Parking sign I saw on the course in my neighborhood. I live a few blocks from the 3mi marker in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and I saw this on my way to work on Friday. Stuff like that always gets me pumped.

2- New York is probably the only marathon where you have to ride with non-runners to the start. Since I live so close to the Staten Island, all we had to do was hop on a local bus to get there. Unfortunately for a friendly Midwesterner like Angie, this means being forced to make small talk with strange businessmen on one of the more stressful mornings of her life.

3- Me and Angie showing off our bibs with the Verrazano looming in the background.

4- Having a much need quiet time of focus and reflection while chilling on the grass at Fort Wadsworth. We were there from about 7am-10am. That’s the official timing chip on my shoe in the foreground.

5- And we’re off! The cannons go off and Sinatra starts playing, Jenna is looking pumped!!!

6- I was sad to leave my Al Gordon Snowflake run sweatshirt behind, thanks for all the warm times sweatshirt! Hope someone nice found you.

7- This is the last shot I took (didn’t shoot any during the race for obvious reasons). All the runners were exiting Central Park to reunite with their friends and families. I thought the light and the leaves looked beautiful, and was happy to be done. 🙂

Marathon on the Brain

The ’09 NYC Marathon is less than two weeks away and i’m having a hard time concentrating on anything else right now. This is my third year in a row running New York and i’m hoping for a personal best. To calm my nerves, I decided to look at some photos from my past races. These in particular are from 2007, my first marathon. I was so excited that morning, and was completely geared up. My friend Jenna bought me an early birthday present, a tiny digital wrist camera from GoPro which is what I shot these with. Unfortunately, the batteries died before the race actually started, but there’s plenty to see walking around Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island. Look for my photos from this year in the next few weeks to see how it all turned out!