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Pronounced “trip-tick”, this is one of my favorite presentation for photographs, especially for portrait clients. Triptychs are a fun way to show a small series in one file, and is super easy to throw together in photoshop, indesign or illustrator. It works best with three vertical images as you can see here, with adorable little Emma’s one year old portraits (to view larger click on images).


Here’s another example below with little miss Mia. As you can you see I played around with the color a little in the space between the image.


You also no rule that you need space in between the images, or the three photos you choose need to be consecutive.

renz family-trip

Of course you can also break up a horizontal image in three places, and this also qualifies as a triptych. I’ve been looking for the perfect image to blow up and display on my living room wall. I tried this effect on a shot of Maeby by the lake, and also added a thin, grey stroke around each section to represent what a frame might look like.

maeby boat-trip

Especially in today’s digital age where we overshoot, why wouldn’t you display all you can and give as much impact in a quick and easy way?