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Nimble Well

Committed-Chicago Green Wedding Alliance
Nimble Well booth at Committed-Chicago Green Wedding Alliance

I’ve recently been shooting for an exciting new company called Nimble Well, started and owned by a lovely woman named Kelly Connolly. It allows a bride/party thrower/wedding planner to have one of a kind goods and antiques for their events without having to hunt down, purchase and own the pieces themselves. I think it’s an amazing concept and am happy to be even a small part in exposing people to her through my photography. Speaking of, I was fortunate enough to photograph her booth last month at Committed, sponsored by the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance. Here’s some shots of her amazing pieces set up beautifully at her booth (see Kelly below in the black & white).
nimble well group

The event was held at Greenhouse Loft, which seemed like the perfect space. There was great food, delicious cocktails, and even a fashion show at one point highlighting bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. commited group

Here’s a link to the facebook page where Kelly posted several of my photos from the event. I’ll end this post with my favorite photo from the day. Who wouldn’t love a glitter covered heart shaped cake sitting on a bright blue cake stand?blue cake stand

Brian & Jessica

Back in October on a chilly fall day in St. Joseph, Michigan (an adorable town on the west side of the state), I shot an equally adorable couple’s wedding day, Brian and Jess. If it hadn’t have been so cold it would have been perfect, but it came pretty close. I was also thrilled to not be working alone, and had a top notch partner- my Dad! John Ross came to the rescue and made the drive from Ann Arbor to be my right hand man. I think it’s very important to always work with someone when you are shooting something as big as a wedding. It’s absolutely essential to get multiple viewpoints and have backup just in case. As you can see with the bubble photo below, I was able to get Brian and Jess walking out from the front, and my Dad covered them from behind (to prove this, you’ll see me making a cameo on the right side of the image). Can’t wait to be a photo team again Dad, especially since you’re the one who I get all my photo skills from in the first place!

Congrats guys- I’m still editing the reception so more to come!

Speeches & Dancing

I’m happy to provide the long awaited wedding video I shot at Mac & Maren’s wedding. It’s nothing fancy but it does the job of documenting all of the speeches and first dances. It also makes me a little sad that the big moments at my own wedding weren’t recorded. Not that we didn’t try, my friend and videographer was stranded in New York along with a few other guests because of awful weather.

Please enjoy!

Mac and Maren’s Wedding from Jamie Buhr on Vimeo.

Also if you are looking to kill some time, feel free to check out a few of the passion projects on Punky’s Vimeo page. As you’ll see most of them star Tommy Buhr, my very humble brother in law who also stole the show with his best man speech.

Mr. and Mrs. Dobson for the very first time
Mr. and Mrs. Dobson for the very first time


Mac & Maren

My good friends Mac and Maren were married last weekend in Ann Arbor, and I shot the rehearsal dinner the night before at Mac’s parents beautiful house. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating and the temps were more than steamy topping out at 100 degrees. It was still a fun time had by all, filled with drinks, dinner and a few speeches.



Click here to view all the photos. You’ll have to look through the entire set to see if anyone eventually jumped in the pool.

Congrats guys and hope you are enjoying your honeymoon!

John & Allison

Hello everyone after a very long break from blogging! I’m blaming the absence on my first Chicago winter, as well as a busy second semester of grad school. Summer is finally here, school is out, and I dug my hybrid out of the laundry room- I am feeling good! Ok, back to business. I was honored to shoot my bff Jenna’s brothers wedding in the awesome town of Memphis last month.



It was a wonderful affair on a warm summer evening filled with lots of heartfelt speeches and dancing. Here’s a few highlights for now- congrats John, Ali and little Jenna, and thanks for letting me be part of your special day!

Ali about to throw her bouquet
Ali about to throw her bouquet
The two Jenna's- adorable!
The two Jenna’s- adorable!

Puerto Rico


Just returned from a trip in Puerto Rico and before the thrill wore off, I wanted to get a few images up here. There will be a Flickr set to come with the rest soon though. The top photo was taken on the beach in the Isla Verde area of San Juan. We were there for a group wedding trip for our friends Jeff and Christine. The one on the bottom was on a remote beach on the island of Vieques. To get to the island we had to take a ferry from the town of Fajardo (or you can also fly on one of those little puddle jumpers), then drive and walk about ten minutes down a train to get to the ocean. It was worth it though, by far the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen!

Jen & Miguel


I had the pleasure of photographing a friends wedding over the weekend at the lovely Studio 450 on the west side of the city. I’ve known Jen since our dorm room days at SVA, and it was an honor to shoot her and Miguel’s amazing wedding day. There literally could not have been a more beautiful place in Manhattan for them to get married. There was an absolute gorgeous sunset going on in the background during the ceremony, and being a photographer, you really can’t get much better than that. Because of this, and the fact that they might be the cutest, most charming and sickeningly in love couple i’ve ever known, I had the hardest time picking just a few images for this post. I’ve seriously been agonizing over which photos to put up for the last hour. Lots more to come soon. Congrats guys and enjoy the cruise!