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Beach bumps and baseball


The bump was treated to a little sun recently when I was able to scoot down to Florida one last time before the madness starts (also because I really shouldn’t be flying anymore). It’s amazing what a little fresh air, sun, long walks and naps can do for you. I also had to check out my Mom’s new pool which I had been hearing so much about. It definitely lived up to the high expectations.

Flash forward to opening day of the Cubs! I was finally able to see why people love/hate living in our neighborhood. For the most part I think it’ll be fun, though ask me again in a mid-July when there are drunk people stumbling all over the sidewalks and harassing the dogs.





On a recent trip to New York, I went to dinner at an adorable restaurant in Tribeca called Tiny’s. Everything from the space, decor and food- I recommend the kale salad and meatballs for starters- was cozy, charming and unique. However, my favorite part was the branding and stationary of the restaurant. I happily took a postcard, pen and matches so I could study them later, and i’m glad I did since now I can share them with you! Also, the menus were attached to individual wooden boards that were carved with the design on the back of them. Maybe they were laser cut? I wanted to steal one and hang it in my apartment! I love the use of pink mixed with greys and blacks as well.


Try and get a seat in the back by the fireplace if you go in the winter. More of the adorable illustrations on the back of the matchbook.



The Refrigerator Project

Not counting college dorm rooms, I have lived in at total of six different apartments in the last nine years. Now, mix being a bit of a pack rat with a undergrad degree in photography, I have carried around the same boxes of unexposed paper, plastic and aluminum film canisters, binders of contact sheets, and the same unopened rolls of film for almost a decade (unfortunately this is just a portion of my collection). Since we just purchased and moved into a condo and have a little guy on the way, I figured it was time to address this situation. Enter: The Refrigerator Project!


I’ve decided to have some fun while being productive and see if any of these rolls of film that I’ve been dragging from fridge produce drawer to drawer are any good. The problem with this film is that a) it’s film. Remember film? It’s awesome; the tones and colors are rich, you get to break out all the old cameras and oh yea, you have to yikes, get it processed. This can be a bit of an adventure in itself (like seeking out an open and semi-affordable photo lab on your lunch hour), but I can’t just throw all the film away! That would be like emulsion murder, and then what was the point in dragging it along with me all these years? Another problem with this old, at times wet, expired film is that b) you can’t use it for an actual job because it’s completely unreliable. Sure, I could shoot some great stuff with it, but the risk is too high that it might be completely ruined and in turn, ruin an important portrait session for example. So, it’s experimentation time. I won’t spend too much time shooting each roll but in the process I’d still like to make some cool stuff, and blog about it as I go.

First up? A simple 120 roll of Fuji NPS 160 color negative film. I know, a little boring but it’s been a while since I pulled out the 645 and I was on vacation in Charlevoix when I shot it so I didn’t want it to be a complete bust. Here’s a look at part of the roll scanned with the verticals rotated and the classic Murdick’s fudge shop enlarged at the top left:

Yes it was a color roll but that’s the beauty of mixing film with digital, thanks photoshop! The roll in it’s entirety:

Stay tuned for the next installment from the fridge.

The Holidays


We went back to Ann Arbor for Thanksgiving last week and were welcomed with this beautiful display of lights. Though it wasn’t quite as impressive as the annual display back in Brooklyn, I couldn’t leave without taking a few shots (thanks 5D for the excellent high ISO settings).

With the holidays now here and the end of the semester creeping up, it’s going to be a crazy few weeks, but I’m going to try and start posting more. I’ve also still helping with my Mom’s blog Ninth and Olive, so please check that out periodically for some great cooking, gardening and other fun things. Usually we try and do a big monster blog when we get together, with lots of photos and recipes, so look for that soon since we will be going down to Florida this month.

A Busy August

I’ve been having a hectic month filled with traveling, seeing family and friends, and some really great weekends locally and away. Relaxing up north at Becky’s beautiful place on Bear Lake . . .


Visited my Mom in Florida, spent some time with her adorable new dog Riley (aka “Boots”) that she adopted from Animal Haven when she was in New York helping us move. Also helped get her new cooking and lifestyle blog, Ninth and Olive, off the ground which I encourage you to check out!


Completed my first olympic distance triathlon right here in Chicago in 90 degree weather.

The transition station
The transition station at 5am

Am now looking forward to the fall, settling into more of a routine and the temps getting a little more livable!


I’ve been a very neglectful blogger this month, and it’s probably because along with unpacking, putting together ikea furniture, finding a new pet store, grocery store, camera store, etc . . . I haven’t been shooting much. After all this is a photo blog and as much as there is going on right now, if I don’t have anything new visually to show I don’t really have much to say. I did however take some stuff during our “limbo” period in Michigan while we were waiting for our movers to get from Brooklyn to Chicago, so that’s what this post is about. Ok so there are a few Chicago pics in there too.


Puerto Rico


Just returned from a trip in Puerto Rico and before the thrill wore off, I wanted to get a few images up here. There will be a Flickr set to come with the rest soon though. The top photo was taken on the beach in the Isla Verde area of San Juan. We were there for a group wedding trip for our friends Jeff and Christine. The one on the bottom was on a remote beach on the island of Vieques. To get to the island we had to take a ferry from the town of Fajardo (or you can also fly on one of those little puddle jumpers), then drive and walk about ten minutes down a train to get to the ocean. It was worth it though, by far the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen!