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Pronounced “trip-tick”, this is one of my favorite presentation for photographs, especially for portrait clients. Triptychs are a fun way to show a small series in one file, and is super easy to throw together in photoshop, indesign or illustrator. It works best with three vertical images as you can see here, with adorable little Emma’s one year old portraits (to view larger click on images).


Here’s another example below with little miss Mia. As you can you see I played around with the color a little in the space between the image.


You also no rule that you need space in between the images, or the three photos you choose need to be consecutive.

renz family-trip

Of course you can also break up a horizontal image in three places, and this also qualifies as a triptych. I’ve been looking for the perfect image to blow up and display on my living room wall. I tried this effect on a shot of Maeby by the lake, and also added a thin, grey stroke around each section to represent what a frame might look like.

maeby boat-trip

Especially in today’s digital age where we overshoot, why wouldn’t you display all you can and give as much impact in a quick and easy way?

Nimble Well

Committed-Chicago Green Wedding Alliance
Nimble Well booth at Committed-Chicago Green Wedding Alliance

I’ve recently been shooting for an exciting new company called Nimble Well, started and owned by a lovely woman named Kelly Connolly. It allows a bride/party thrower/wedding planner to have one of a kind goods and antiques for their events without having to hunt down, purchase and own the pieces themselves. I think it’s an amazing concept and am happy to be even a small part in exposing people to her through my photography. Speaking of, I was fortunate enough to photograph her booth last month at Committed, sponsored by the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance. Here’s some shots of her amazing pieces set up beautifully at her booth (see Kelly below in the black & white).
nimble well group

The event was held at Greenhouse Loft, which seemed like the perfect space. There was great food, delicious cocktails, and even a fashion show at one point highlighting bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. commited group

Here’s a link to the facebook page where Kelly posted several of my photos from the event. I’ll end this post with my favorite photo from the day. Who wouldn’t love a glitter covered heart shaped cake sitting on a bright blue cake stand?blue cake stand did a wonderful feature on how to adopt a pet in New York (and why to avoid going to one of those terrible pet stores), and it brought some more fantastic press to Animal Haven and lots of the other New York shelters.

Click here to see the post, and scroll down to the link for Animal Haven to see more of my images (there’s also a link to the article on the homepage). Thanks again Jen!

Time Out NY

Exciting news! My work was featured on Time Out New York today. Not only did they credit me but they also put a link to my site! Please check out all 16 photos, and while you’re at it view some images from other shelters like the ASPCA, Bideawee and more. Many thanks to all the people at Animal Haven that made this happen, and of course to all the wonderful animals that were nice enough to model for me.


I recently got an email saying that one of my photos had been selected for inclusion in the newly released ninth edition of the Schmap Florida Keys Guide:

Mallory Square

It’s pretty cool considering I didn’t even enter anything, they just found it on Flickr. I guess that’s why it’s important to tag your public images. I’ve never used Schmap but it seems like a pretty useful travel tool, plus you can get it on your iphone.

Thanks Schmap!

Samarra, Jack & Kip

My good friend and former colleague Samarra asked me to shoot some photos of her, her husband Jack and her adorable 15mo old Kip. Since she is a brilliant designer and photographer herself and is always behind the camera, she needed a little help and I was happy to oblige (this is a common problem, you have thousands of photos of your friends and family but there aren’t actually any of you). We thought Dumbo would be the perfect location with it’s cobblestone streets and fantastic views of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Not only did we get some great shots but we’re able to catch up at the same time. Great fun for all!

See the rest of the shoot on Flickr, thanks guys! See you soon for babysitting.


My good friends over at The Fresh Air Fund hired me to be a photographer at their annual spring gala this summer. The event was held at Tavern on the Green, and it was star studded. Pictured above are just a few of the VIP’s that came out to support the FAF, Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe, starring in the upcoming movie Precious, and the director Lee Daniels. Even though it’s not set to release in theaters ’till November, it’s been getting tons of press lately (mostly due to Oprah touching it with her golden fingers). A short summery from the IMDB page for the film:

“In Harlem, an overweight, illiterate teen who is pregnant with her second child is invited to enroll in an alternative school in hopes that her life can head in a new direction.”

Looks like it’s going to be a good one, i’ll be seeing it for sure. Gabby also seemed like a complete doll, and was loving every minute on the red carpet (check out my Portraits & Events gallery for more photos)!

*A helpful photo tip that I had to relearn the hard way during this shoot: ALWAYS bring double and triple backup equipment of everything! My trusty Canon 580EX completely died during the middle of this event, and even the hardcore paparazzi guys couldn’t help me. Thank god I brought a backup camera body that had a pop-up flash on it. Not perfect, but it was better than nothing in a jam and I was thankful I threw it in my camera bag that morning. As Tim Gunn says, “Make it work!”