Speeches & Dancing

I’m happy to provide the long awaited wedding video I shot at Mac & Maren’s wedding. It’s nothing fancy but it does the job of documenting all of the speeches and first dances. It also makes me a little sad that the big moments at my own wedding weren’t recorded. Not that we didn’t try, my friend and videographer was stranded in New York along with a few other guests because of awful weather.

Please enjoy!

Mac and Maren’s Wedding from Jamie Buhr on Vimeo.

Also if you are looking to kill some time, feel free to check out a few of the passion projects on Punky’s Vimeo page. As you’ll see most of them star Tommy Buhr, my very humble brother in law who also stole the show with his best man speech.

Mr. and Mrs. Dobson for the very first time
Mr. and Mrs. Dobson for the very first time


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  1. THANK YOU so much Abbie for sharing this. It was so great to hear the speeches again and relive that wonderful night. What a party!

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