Spring Day

It was absolutely gorgeous today here in Chicago, and Maeby and I had lots of good QT in the backyard and out and about. Even Pia came on our midday walk, and aside from a little diva behavior (I will admit it was pretty windy at times), she did great. As you can see I also started embracing Instagrams which is a whole lot of fun! Us old school photographers who learned our craft in the darkroom; you know who you are, can really appreciate the cool effects different types of film, paper and processing can give to your images. I will admit though it is much easier to click a few buttons on your iPhone.




On a recent trip to New York, I went to dinner at an adorable restaurant in Tribeca called Tiny’s. Everything from the space, decor and food- I recommend the kale salad and meatballs for starters- was cozy, charming and unique. However, my favorite part was the branding and stationary of the restaurant. I happily took a postcard, pen and matches so I could study them later, and i’m glad I did since now I can share them with you! Also, the menus were attached to individual wooden boards that were carved with the design on the back of them. Maybe they were laser cut? I wanted to steal one and hang it in my apartment! I love the use of pink mixed with greys and blacks as well.


Try and get a seat in the back by the fireplace if you go in the winter. More of the adorable illustrations on the back of the matchbook.