Sun and Snow


Shooting new products and uploading them to the web is one of my responsibilities at work. Mostly I shoot with strobes in the studio, but last week it was sunny and warm out and some rather large outdoor umbrellas needed new images. So we took advantage of the beautiful weather and shot on location at a park in River North. It was a nice change to be working out of the office even for a little.

Flash forward a few days and Chicago was hit with it’s first real snowfall of the year- not bad considering it’s January. It didn’t seem bad from my office in the loop but by the time I got home to Lakeview it was a winter wonderland.


The Refrigerator Project

Not counting college dorm rooms, I have lived in at total of six different apartments in the last nine years. Now, mix being a bit of a pack rat with a undergrad degree in photography, I have carried around the same boxes of unexposed paper, plastic and aluminum film canisters, binders of contact sheets, and the same unopened rolls of film for almost a decade (unfortunately this is just a portion of my collection). Since we just purchased and moved into a condo and have a little guy on the way, I figured it was time to address this situation. Enter: The Refrigerator Project!


I’ve decided to have some fun while being productive and see if any of these rolls of film that I’ve been dragging from fridge produce drawer to drawer are any good. The problem with this film is that a) it’s film. Remember film? It’s awesome; the tones and colors are rich, you get to break out all the old cameras and oh yea, you have to yikes, get it processed. This can be a bit of an adventure in itself (like seeking out an open and semi-affordable photo lab on your lunch hour), but I can’t just throw all the film away! That would be like emulsion murder, and then what was the point in dragging it along with me all these years? Another problem with this old, at times wet, expired film is that b) you can’t use it for an actual job because it’s completely unreliable. Sure, I could shoot some great stuff with it, but the risk is too high that it might be completely ruined and in turn, ruin an important portrait session for example. So, it’s experimentation time. I won’t spend too much time shooting each roll but in the process I’d still like to make some cool stuff, and blog about it as I go.

First up? A simple 120 roll of Fuji NPS 160 color negative film. I know, a little boring but it’s been a while since I pulled out the 645 and I was on vacation in Charlevoix when I shot it so I didn’t want it to be a complete bust. Here’s a look at part of the roll scanned with the verticals rotated and the classic Murdick’s fudge shop enlarged at the top left:

Yes it was a color roll but that’s the beauty of mixing film with digital, thanks photoshop! The roll in it’s entirety:

Stay tuned for the next installment from the fridge.