Clover’s Gallery & Alexis Trice

Monkey Painting

I entered the art buying community recently when I made my first official purchase of a wonderful painting from Clover’s Fine Art Gallery by the artist Alexis Trice. The show just ended and I was finally able to bring it home and have already made a place for it on my wall. Coincidentally, Alexis graduated from SVA the same year as I did. I was originally there to visit and take portraits of one of my oldest friends Charlotte who works as a curator at the gallery.



Please check out her website, and also her adorable pet portrait site, Welcome to the Doghouse. Thanks Alexis! I promise to take good care of it and cherish it forever.

3 thoughts on “Clover’s Gallery & Alexis Trice”

  1. Abbie, I’m proud of you for buying this, it’s so adorable and a great purchase. How big is it? I love it. Great for the kitchen or dining area in your apartment.

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