Samarra, Jack & Kip

My good friend and former colleague Samarra asked me to shoot some photos of her, her husband Jack and her adorable 15mo old Kip. Since she is a brilliant designer and photographer herself and is always behind the camera, she needed a little help and I was happy to oblige (this is a common problem, you have thousands of photos of your friends and family but there aren’t actually any of you). We thought Dumbo would be the perfect location with it’s cobblestone streets and fantastic views of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Not only did we get some great shots but we’re able to catch up at the same time. Great fun for all!

See the rest of the shoot on Flickr, thanks guys! See you soon for babysitting.

3 thoughts on “Samarra, Jack & Kip”

  1. VERY cute! I am jealous we never get you taking shots of our kids because we live in a different state! lol

    Lilith just started ballet, oh my gosh is it cute to watch 4 three year old girls in tutu’s.

  2. That would be wonderful! Are you coming home for thanksgiving? We will be around, give us a call…or email….or facebook.

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